ComArchive - a solution that comes in modules

ComArchive is built according to our philosophy: ”E-mail Archiving Made Easy”.

Upon installation you can choose which modules you wish to use. This allows your organisation to introduce ComArchive gradually and get to know it in a tempo that suits you.

ComArchive Compliance

  • Online archiving
  • Archiving of E-mail correspondence, including internal mails
  • Email change tracking
  • Protection of business correspondence
  • Long term storage of E-mail correspondence
  • Reduces the load on MS Exchange
  • Internet access to the archive
  • Tools for I.T. accountancy and auditors
  • ComArchive Compliance is a tool that helps you to achieve compliance with international standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Danish Standards issued by Dansk Standard.

ComArchive Compliance is ComArchive’s basis module.

ComArchive for Outlook

  • Access ComArchive from Microsoft Outlook®
  • ComArchive mirrors your mailbox
  • User access to e-mail search and attachments in ComArchive
  • E-mail history and roll back per user/mailbox
  • ComArchive for Outlook is an add on to Microsoft Outlook®

ComArchive for Outlook does not affect use of Microsoft Outlook®.

ComArchive for Outlook is an optional addition to ComArchive Compliance.

ComArchive Project Binder

  • Organise your e-mails in projects, directly in Microsoft Outlook®
  • Search e-mail correspondence by project
  • A simple way of sharing e-mail information with project colleagues
  • Automatic archiving of e-mails by project
  • The alternative to sending e-mails to everybody involved in a project / case
  • E-mails are archived by project and are accessible to all project members

ComArchive Project Binder is an optional addition to ComArchive Compliance.

User Interface

Com Archive is designed to ensure that using the product is simple and intuitive. The user:

  • does not have to archive their own e-mails as this process has been automated
  • does not need to acquire additional qualifications
  • has access to his or her own e-mail archive. The administrator has access to archived e-mails across mail boxes and Exchange servers
  • has access to a search function in Outlook which gives access to several years worth of mails
  • has no need to worry about e-mail privacy. Only the authorised administrator and an authorised I.T. accountant can access others mails – using their security login
  • using a simple term search, ComArchive can find relevant mails by searching their subject, the text of the e-mail and e-mail attachments- all known attachment formats are supported

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