Reduce the pressure on your Exchange Server

ComArchive does not change anything in your Exchange Server. Our concept with the "No FootPrint" solution is highly appreciated by many IT managers.

Upon installing the ComArchive files you can, if needed, clean up and cut-down on the volume of data in the Exchange Server.

When using ComArchive, all users have quick access to all their e-mails in the archive and allow the Administrator to clean up on the Exchange Server. This is done by using the built-in Exchange clean-up service.

This allows the user to define rules like: "Delete all mails older than 2 years". By using this rule, all local e-mail accounts are cleaned and the performance on the Exchange Server is significantly increased. The results are a smaller Exchange-store with faster back-up and restore capabilities.

ComArchive has a web-client that works with Outlook Web Access.

ComArchive is based upon standard products from Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, Internet information Server, .NET Framework, Active Directory, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Windows and XML services.

If there's anything more you want to know?

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If you send us a slow mail, we will scan it and send it to our self as an e-mail.

If you call us and leave a message, the file is converted into audio and sent to our mailbox - and our Archive of course.

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