How much is an important E-mail worth to you?

If you allow the individual user to clean up and archive, you will not reach the objective.

Using manual procedures compared to the security needed and the amount of e-mails each user is handling every day, the manual procedures will eventually fail. The only safe, cheap and efficient solution is to provide a software-solution with long-term archive of all e-mails and compliances.

This is what ComArchive is used for.

A few e-mails can be crucial and vital if a dispute has to be settled. Important, financial and legal agreements are being made via e-mails all the time, making archive and back-up of all e-mail correspondence essential for the company.

Along with this, the users see the archive as an asset thus not having to deal with the actual archiving and back-up of their e-mail correspondence them self. ComArchive secures the archive of all the companies' e-mails in a safe manor; ensuring safety and confidentiality remain intact in such a way that no unauthorized users can gain access to other users' e-mails.

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If you call us and leave a message, the file is converted into audio and sent to our mailbox - and our Archive of course.

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