Are you enjoying clearing-up in Outlook?

Search is excellent when looking through large amounts of data.

The number of e-mails each employee is reading and handling is ever growing. To keep track of the e-mails, one needs to organize the mailbox, move mails to sub-folders and delete mails. This is waste of time and does not create any value for the user nor for the company.

With ComArchive installed, all e-mail correspondence is in the archive - and that´s even without having to deal with it you self. Upon archive, the entire e-mail and the attached files are indexed.

This allows the user to search for all e-mails previously sent to the mailbox with the touch of only one button in Outlook.

With ComArchive you do not have to worry about what to keep and what to delete - all is in the archive. If you need an e-mail, just search for it. In ComArchive the search criteria allows you to search for specific words, words in attached files, names, companies or dates.

Like we have adopted the search engines on the Internet, ComArchive allows you to search for your e-mails fast and simple.

If there's anything more you want to know?

Contact the team behind ComArchive!

Or send us an E-mail - which goes straight to our archive thus we can always find you. Do not fax us;
(The youngsters don't know what it is).

If you send us a slow mail, we will scan it and send it to our self as an e-mail.

If you call us and leave a message, the file is converted into audio and sent to our mailbox - and our Archive of course.

Today's offer; Try our ComArchive trial, free of charge to experience and learn how ComArchive can change your mailbox.

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