Emails runs processes

Emails are an integral part of virtually every business process. They often document agreements, orders, plans and decisions made within the organisation or with business partners/authorities/customers/clients. That's why you need to keep track of emails - they are company data and represent a great value.

The realisation that emails are company data and not personal property is driving many organisations to look for email security solutions. The risk of individual employees deleting emails and losing them if the employee leaves the organisation is far too great.

ComArchive has helped many large and small, public and private organisations in Denmark and abroad. Whether you have 20 mailboxes or 25,000 mailboxes in your organisation, the content is of equal value to the organisation.

In some industries, ComArchive has almost become a standard because it's easier to settle a dispute through documentation rather than litigation.

Similarly, we see certain industries, such as the financial sector as well as the public sector, setting requirements and standards for email retention.

Helping organisations get a handle on email - that's what we do.

Email volumes are a challenge

The volume of data in Outlook/Exchange is a challenge that needs to be addressed. The increasing burden and time-consuming nature of mailbox management needs to be addressed - it only seems to be getting worse.

With ComArchive, the individual user gets a new lightning-fast search function directly in Outlook, which saves time in everyday life. Time saved because you can quickly find the email in your inbox that you need. And confidentiality is intact with ComArchive.

Most people know that searching for emails can be time-consuming. At the same time, the total amount of data is enormous (the mail server is often the largest data container in the organisation). The volume of data means extensive backup costs when backups need to be taken daily and stored for years. With an archiving solution like ComArchive, the amount of data on the email platform can be minimised and the cost of backup can be dramatically reduced. ComArchive is a good investment that pays for itself in a short time.

Standard - standard - standard

ComArchive is built on standard Microsoft technology. Whether it's Exchange or Office 365, our solutions are designed to work with these platforms.

Our long-standing collaboration with Microsoft and the fact that we are always at the forefront of Microsoft solutions and technology means that we are within the IT roadmap of most companies.

Our product stack, including Exchange, Outlook, .Net, Active Directory, IIS, SQL Server and Elastic Search, makes ComArchive an easy choice for most CIOs.

GDPR also applies to emails

GDPR also applies to data on the email platform, which is often the largest data container in your organisation. Whether you have your mail server in-house or in the cloud, the task is to ensure that you have the emails that are important to the organisation and business operations, and to dispose of the emails that contain personal data. The GDPR guidelines that have been established must be implemented.

The organisation's own rules for storing and deleting emails or mailboxes are easily set up in our solution, which also ensures that the clean-ups are run at the set interval.

Either each employee must familiarise themselves with the GDPR guidelines and clean up their mailbox themselves or the clean-up must be automated. Due to the sheer volume and unstructured nature of the data, we at ComArchive believe that the automated solution is the only way forward. Spending employee time on this clean-up is too expensive and probably not the best solution. With ComArchive, you get a tool to implement GDPR regulations.

GDPR recommends automating the removal of personal data, especially when it comes to large amounts of data. ComArchive ensures that important emails can be retrieved regardless of whether employees have deleted them from their mailboxes, and the compliance module ensures that emails with personal data are removed from both the mailboxes and the archive at the right time. ComArchive is the systematic archiving of all emails and it is also the basis for removing emails containing personal data. Simple and efficient.

The simple and effective choice

Companies choose ComArchive because

  • You need to keep track of emails
  • GDPR compliance is a must
  • The email environment needs to be optimised and run efficiently
  • Everyday life with Outlook must be simplified for users
  • All users always have all their emails
  • Emails are not employee property - they are company data.


Benefits of ComArchive

  • Simple to use, simple to manage, simple to install
  • All emails are archived automatically, simply and securely
  • Full overview of what has been sent/promised and received/accepted
  • Administrator searches across all mailboxes (logging and full traceability)
  • Fast and efficient searching of all fields, including attachments
  • Employees save time handling emails
  • Simple transfer of mailboxes between employees.

Email turned out to be valuable

"In our IT department, we used to spend a lot of time helping our users find emails. With ComArchive, we saved this time and in one case we were able to find an email that was several years old, which meant a gain of approximately € 100,000."

CIO Peter Madsen, AVIS Scandinavia

Peace of mind for the entire organisation

"Installation and operation of ComArchive is simple and straightforward. Efficient and built on components that we already know. It gives the organisation peace of mind to know that we are in control of emails, even if certain emails are not logged as they should be."

Henrik Stegmann IT department, Lolland Municipality

Stay on top of your organisation's data

"We feel that ComArchive has made our entire organisation more aware of how much valuable data we actually have as a company. And the installation was quick and painless!"

Hans Becker, CEO, Airsys Communications

Is it time to get in control of emails?

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